Nichifuri Doraemon Furikake Rice Seasoning 20 pcs
Nichifuri Doraemon Furikake Rice Seasoning 20 pcs
Nichifuri Doraemon Furikake Rice Seasoning 20 pcs
Nichifuri Doraemon Furikake Rice Seasoning 20 pcs

Nichifuri Doraemon Furikake Rice Seasoning 20 pcs

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The nationally popular character, Doraemon, is used for the package design.

One of Nichifuri's original Doraemon stickers, all 20 types, is included.

It comes in four flavors: egg, bonito flakes, salmon, and sesame seaweed, and contains calcium, which is necessary for the development of children.

Ingredients: [Egg] cornstarch, sugar, sesame, salt, chicken egg, mashed potato, wheat flour, kidney beans, palm oil, maltose, soy flour, seaweed, powdered skim milk, soy sauce, matcha green tea, dried bonito powder, seafood extract seasoning, kelp powder, Seasoning (amino acid), modified starch, shell calcium, coloring (caramel, paprika pigment, carotene, red yeast rice), antioxidant (vitamin E)

[Bonito] lactose, sesame, soy sauce, sugar, bonito shavings, mashed potatoes, tuna shavings, salt, cornstarch, wheat flour, dried bonito powder, seaweed, yeast extract, dried bonito extract, shellfish calcium, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), modified starch, coloring Ingredients (caramel, red yeast rice), chlorella extract

[Salmon] Sesame, mashed potato, lactose, sugar, salt, cornstarch, wheat flour, salmon, maltose, seaweed, salmon extract, seafood extract seasoning, sukimidara, soy sauce, defatted soybean powder, dried bonito powder, matcha green tea, kelp powder, seasoning Ingredients (amino acids, etc.), shell calcium, modified starch, coloring (red yeast, paprika pigment, caramel), antioxidant (vitamin E)

[Sesame seaweed] Sesame, sugar, seaweed, lactose, salt, cornstarch, wheat flour, soy sauce, dried bonito powder, seafood extract, yeast extract, matcha green tea, kelp powder, green seaweed, shellfish calcium, seasoning (amino acid), modified starch, coloring (Caramel)

Code containing 7 major allergens
     wheat, egg, milk

Contains 28 specific allergens
     Egg, milk, wheat, salmon, soybean, sesame

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