Ohta’s Isan 48 packs
Ohta’s Isan 48 packs
Ohta’s Isan 48 packs
Ohta’s Isan 48 packs

Ohta’s Isan 48 packs

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Product introduction:
In modern eating habits, it is becoming more and more common to put a burden on the stomach, such as irregular meals and taking too many luxury items. Ohta's Isan <divided package> is a gastrointestinal drug that matches the modern diet by combining an antacid and a digestive enzyme with a stomachic crude drug (natural drug). It shows a gentle and excellent effect on unpleasant symptoms such as overdrinking, heartburn, and heavy stomach. Please make use of Ohta's Isan <sachet> so that you can spend your daily eating habits comfortably.

■ Crude drugs improve stomach function
The effective combination of seven kinds of stomachic herbal medicines improves the function of the stomach and helps improve unpleasant symptoms such as overdrinking, overeating, and heavy stomach. In addition, stomachic herbal medicines are also effective for people with weak stomachs and those who have no appetite.

■ Antacid neutralizes stomach acid
By blending antacids with different actions, it adjusts the acidity in the stomach and exhibits excellent effects on heartburn, stomach pain, and stomach discomfort, and makes digestive enzymes work more easily.

■ Refreshing feel and reliable effect
In order to make the most of the herbal medicine's unique aromatic taste and efficacy, it is in the form of a powder. The aromatic taste of herbal medicines, combined with the cooling sensation of l-menthol and the action of an antacid, provide a refreshing and refreshing feeling when taken. Also, since it is a powder, it acts quickly in the stomach.

Per one dose (1 sachet)

Category Ingredients Quantity Function
Stomachic herbs Cinnamon Bark 92 mg Unique aroma helps weakened stomach work better and adjust the secretion of gastric juice.
Fennel 24 mg
Nutmeg 20 mg
Clove 12 mg
Citrus Unshiu Peel 22 mg
Gentian 15 mg Unique bitterness helps weakened stomach activate and adjusts the secretion of gastric juice.
Powdered Picrasma Wood 15 mg
Antacids Sodium Bicarbonate 625 mg Various kinds of antacids with different duration of activity such as rapid-acting and continuous-acting neutralize excessive gastric acid and adjust the acidity in the stomach.
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate 133 mg
Magnesium Carbonate 26 mg
Synthetic Aluminum Silicate 273.4 mg
Digestant Biodiastase 40 mg Combined digestive enzyme promotes digestion of starch and protein mainly.

〔Additives〕 l-Menthol

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