P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P
P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P
P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P
P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P
P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P
P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P

P&G Bold Gel Ball 4D Lavender & Floral 11P

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Product Description:
Ultimate perfect fabric softener effect in 1 tablet 4 in 1.
A strong wash will give it a shine. Prevents whitening and wrinkles and makes ironing easy!
Long-lasting fragrance, double concentration of gorgeous deodorant and deodorizing ingredients while you wear it
Just rinse once! Perfect for bulk washing
〇Four softening ingredients are combined in one tablet.
〇Prevents wrinkles and creates a soft finish
〇This softness even without fabric softener.
〇 New deodorizing ingredients improve deodorizing effect

Surfactant (68%: linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, alkyl ether sulfate, pure soap (fatty acid salt), polyoxyethylene alkyl ether), stabilizer (propylene glycol), fragrance, dispersant, metal sequestration agents, enzymes, softening ingredients, optical brighteners

[Precautions for use]
*This is not food.
●Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not put it in your mouth or swallow it.
●Be careful where you place the product to prevent people with dementia from accidentally ingesting it.
●Do not use for any other purpose.
●Not recommended for pre-washing or hand washing.
●Do not press the product forcefully or touch it for a long time. If the product breaks and the undiluted solution gets on the lid of the washing machine, wipe it off immediately with water.
●Made of soft material that can be made small and easy to throw away. Please handle with care to avoid damage or leakage before opening.
●Please be careful not to cut your hands on the cut edges or corners.
The small hole in the center of the back of the package is a ventilation hole to prevent the outer bag from expanding. Please rest assured that there are no problems with the quality of the product or packaging.

【first aid】
●If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, give water to drink, etc., and consult a doctor.
●If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water without rubbing and consult a doctor.
●If the product remains on your skin or clothing, wash your skin thoroughly with water and soak your clothing in lukewarm water for a while before washing.

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