UYEKI Daniclin W Care 250mL

UYEKI Daniclin W Care 250mL

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Just spray it on your bedding and carpet. It has the effect of preventing mites from getting close to the surface with food.
It wraps in house dust (dead and dung of mites, cedar pollen) and inhibits its activity.
In order to be able to use bedding with peace of mind, the use of skin stimulation is less, the use of spray where the mouth is also safe ingredients.
Contains deodorant ingredients with sugarcane extract. It has a deodorizing effect on worsted odors.
Can sterilize bedding, tatami, carpet. Contains ingredients that are gentle to the skin.

How to use

Gently shake the container.
Lift the lid up and "open" the spray until the end.
Spray at a distance of about 30cm. 5 to 6 times per square meter (lightly moistened) is a standard. Please "close" the lid after use and store.
Please wait until it dries completely.

[cloth cloth]
Remove sheets and covers, remove rubbish and dust, and spray to dry.
Sheets and covers should be washed and sprayed in the shade.

[carpet tatami]
Use vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust and spray to dry naturally.
※ it takes time for carpets and tatami to dry. Please observe the usage amount and use it with plenty of time until it dries.


Futons, sheets and covers, blankets, towels, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, stuffed animals, etc. (also please use after care of anti-ticking quilts)
Carpet, cloth sofa, cushion, cushion cover, curtain edge, etc.
Tatami, cushion, cushion cover, cushion cover, cushion cover, closet inside, etc.

Something that can't be used

It may cause discoloration or alteration.
Wax processed, varnished, painted things (floor, furniture, etc.)
Plastic and other plastic products (toys, electrical appliances, p-tile floors, etc.)
Leather goods (sofa, etc.)
Rubber products

Precautions on use

Do not use for anything other than the above purposes.
If you apply this agent to something other than the intended use, wipe it off.
For those who are concerned about the impact on the skin or are sensitive to smell, spray it on a hand towel and try it.
For faded items (new woven fabrics, etc.), easy to shrink items (silk, rayon, etc.), and items that cannot be washed, try them in an inconspicuous place before using.
When spraying, be careful not to breathe in or get into the eyes.
Don't spray too much in the same place because of stain.
After spraying on tatami MATS or carpet, this product may stick to feet or slippers, so be careful not to walk or vomit when it is not dry.
Keep out of reach of children and out of direct sunlight.
Do not store in a place where it is frozen or hot.

INGREDIENTS: Aliphatic carboxylic acid ester, sugarcane extract, isopropylmethylphenol (disinfectant), deactivation of house dust

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